Es hora de enfocarte en tus sueños y deseos.
Te ofrezco mi mano para que emprendamos un viaje que transformará tu vida, para siempre:
el viaje de transformación hacia tí mism@.

Vive una completa transformación - Coaching de vida:

A través de mi programa lleno de propósito y valor te ayudo a crecer en todos los aspectos de tu vida de manera liviana,
alineada y estratégica. Desde el puro amor y sin ningún tipo de juicio navegaremos juntos hacia el lugar donde quieres

Hola, me llamo Mariola Santaliz, y en mi consulta de Coaching de vida he facilitado herramientas y he transformado la vida de muchos que aspiran por una mejor vida, la vida de sus sueños.


Si te sientes perdido, no tienes ánimo o estás buscando tu proposito.

Si estás constantemente en una energía negativa y de escasez.

Si te estás comparando constantemente o tienes la necesidad de ser validado y aceptado.

Dudas de ti, de tu poder y de lo que puedes lograr. Tienes miedo de "Failing"

Tienes una visión pero no un plan de accion.

No cumples con tus responsabilidades y eres susceptible a estresarte.

Quieres mejorar tus relaciones.

Quieres hacer dinero y desarrollar una relación con el dinero.

Quieres crear la confianza en ti y aprender amarte.

Tienes miedo y Anciedad


“La Fórmula” es la herramienta más poderosa que vas a aprender a aplicar en tu vida, que te permitirá llegar al origen del
problema, sea cual sea.
Es la base y el secreto para crear todos nuestros sueños y deseos.
Una vez que la aprendas a utilizar, La Fórmula nunca fallará y no habrá nada que no puedas resolver con ella.


"Working with Mariola has been a gift. She is professional, nurturing, and her kindness surmount all expectations. She cares in an unusual way. Mariola lead her practice with charm and will allow you to explore with grace possibilities of outcome above and beyond your own expectations. It seems like she has been chosen by the universe to be a life coach! She is supporting you along your personal journey of discovery and there is no other place you rather be..."

- Deborah

"Hello!! I’ve been working with Mariola for the past few months, and it’s been the best experience of my life. She has helped me with my confidence, clarity and given me tools to help me navigate through different situations. She has a great personality, and the ability to connect with you quickly to begin working towards your goals. She is trustworthy, encouraging, and most of all a great encourager. Mariola is an amazing life coach."

- Graciela

"Mariola has helped by showing me how to show up for myself and focus on my thoughts. She was so patient and understanding with me. She really took the time to help me get to the root of my issues. I have experienced incredible life changes and growth over the last six months."

- Stefanie

"Coaching with Mariola changed my world! I knew something was missing in my life. I just didn't know how to tap into it. Mariola knows how to provide the guidance necessary for life change to take place. I loved working together because she helped me to understand how to connect with myself so I could attract the right energy into my life. I learned to love myself unconditionally and to forgive those from my past so I could start attracting everything I have always wanted. She is so good at what she does and helps you to get the results that you want!! I highly recommend working with Mariola!!"

- Chrissy Davi

"I highly recommend working with Mariola. She is a great listener, very professional, and encouraging. Our coaching sessions helped me realize how my thoughts stopped me from living my best life. After each session, I left with a new perspective and was inspired to take action. I had a wonderful experience working with Mariola, and I feel blessed our paths have crossed!"

- Gemma

"Mariola thank you for coaching me over the last few months. You have been very down to earth, easy, fun but yet comfortable space that allowed me to share with you deep and personal issues. I felt so comfortable with you and most important for me never once felt judged. Thank you so much and I'll be reaching out when I know I'll need some coaching."

- Melissa

"Mariola is an incredibly gifted life coach. She shows up with passion, dedication, and thoroughness for her work. The way she helps you become aware of your thoughts and how they influence your life can be truly life-changing. In just a month with her, I have learned new tools that I will forever appreciate and apply to my relationships, my work, and my experiences. The investment in yourself through Mariola's guidance is truly worth it, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

- R